Self love versus Selfies

Today I had a thought (it is important to mention that this thought after spending way longer than I should have trying to get the “perfect” selfie for an Instagram story that only stays active 24 hours)….
I wondered what sort of world we might live in if we gave as much thought and spent as much time meditating, setting positive intentions, having loving kind thoughts as we did trying to take the perfect selfie??????
Seriously I feel the world has gone out of control with selfies and looking into the camera at themselves, rather than looking within themselves for answers.
I am aware of the irony and hypocrisy of this post – but I should also mention that after 3 failed attempts I just posted it anyway and went to meditate.
I just feel the world may be a little happier, calmer and more positive if we could all find and set aside a little bit of time to reflect, to breathe to switch off.
These are my thoughts for today!

Less is more

So I’m not talking about clothing – especially in Winter!  I’m talking about our lives, this constant state of busy we all seem to be exisiting in.

Sometimes in order to achieve more – we need to simply do less!

This week, my brain has been cluttered with all the many things I have had to plan and fit in.  My brain was so full that I just could not obtain clarity.

So in a bold move – in order to achieve all the many things I had to do, I did NOTHING!

I sat outside with a cup of coffee and the sun on my skin and I did nothing but sit, and think and breathe.

I sat still long enough to clear the clutter, to find the clarity I desperately needed to find, and like magic it felt as though gaps started appearing in my day.

They were of course always there, I was just too clouded to see them.

Being busy all the time isn’t productive, it isn’t something to feel proud of,  yet we all (myself included) seem to fall prey to the “How are you?” Busy! scenario.


I think somewhere along the way, being busy became a badge of honour.

Well I am here to tell you there is more to life.

We can achieve more by not being “busy” all of the time.

Take some time to think, to sit and just simply BE …..

…..and watch your life transform in the most positive and magical way.



Motivational Monday’s

Welcome to your regular Monday post.

Today’s post is about positive choices.

Happy Monday everyone and thanks for reading!


As I type it’s 5:34 (precise much ??hehe) on a Monday morning.

The alarm went off at 5 and I wanted to punch it’s shrieking little reminder in the face.

I want to do this every Monday morning, until the grogginess subsides and I remember why I am waking up.

It’s now 5:36 and I am on the bus heading into the city to teach a class.

I often wonder if I wasn’t teaching, would I in fact have the motivation to get up at this time.

As a fitness instructor, I would love to answer yes without hesitation, but you see I am also human.

We get tired, we make excuses, we procrastinate.

We make choices.

We make choices, consciously or not, our choices form our habits, and if you don’t like the habits you have, you simply need to make different choices and form new habits.

Easy right?

Of course not, but possible yes- definitely!

What positive choice will you make today that can positively change your life.

It doesn’t need to be in a big momentous way, but it’s needs to set a new positive movement in your life.