Pilates? Oh heavens no!

Pilates? Oh, heavens no.  I thought you said “Pie and lattes.”

Well that’s awkward 🙂

Let’s avoid further embarrassment and come and join me on Sunday 7 January 2018

For a 45 min Pilates classes (including a stretch and relax)

Finishing with laughter, chats a sweet pie & latte’

This is no joke!

****Gluten free, sugar free, egg free?  Oh heaven’s no!********

Sorry but the pie’s are as they come no special dietary options available.

Purchase tickets through shop

A celebration of Fitness

Join me for a night to remember.  As we celebrate all things fitness. Combining yoga, pilates,  and a few power moves.
Held at the historic & heritage listed Springhill baths, where brightly coloured doors encircle a crisp & inviting pool (and we have the whole venue to ourselves).

Behind each coloured door is your individual change room – inside each door is your goodie bag (valued at over $20)

But it’s outside where the magic will really happen.

I will be guiding you through a series of exercises (both in and out of the pool), a fun journey through the ages of fitness.

Before social media was a beast of comparison, ladies wore pantaloons for swimming & lollies were a sixpence.

Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger was pumping iron, Jane Fonda was high kicking her legwarmers onto our TV’s we will be moving  through the times, in a most special way.

The choreographed shenanigans will get the heart rate up, we will splash our toes in the pool with reckless abandon, before jumping in and cooling off.

This is all about movement, laughter and fun.

This is a celebration of fitness and joy.

This location is one of Brisbanes best kept secrets – now the secret is out – don’t miss your spot!

This is an event not to be missed!

No refunds on cancellations less than 24 hours before the event!

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Are you balanced?

Are your workouts balanced?
Take a moment to stop and reflect on the way you work out; how often and the intensity.
Do you stretch often?
Do you stretch at all ?
To get the most of your fitness it is important to have a well-rounded and diverse range of movement.
If you want to avoid things like hip replacements in the future you have to put your body full its full range of movement.
Quite often we tend to just move our body in the same way, and don’t get me wrong, any movement is better than no movement, but our bodies are meant to move through a full range of movement and this is often overlooked.
Take a moment to think about the way you move, and take a moment to ask yourself honestly – do you just focus on the things you are good at, and avoid the things you struggle with?

Hands up – I am guilty of this!

As we age, we seize up – sorry but it is true – move it or lose it !

We need to lift weights to help with our bone density.

We need some cardio to get our heart rate up.

We need to stretch.

Think about what you focus on and what you neglect.  Where do your priorities go?

It’s not too late to add in some extra things to your routine, or change your schedule a little to give yourself a more holistic and well-balanced healthy fitness lifestyle!

Step one – taking that honesty check in –

Step two – we’ll focus on this shortly.


Mix it up

When it comes to exercise it is important to mix it up!

While I strongly advocate for finding a style of exercise that you love (or you simply will not exercise if you don’t enjoy it) you need to vary things from time to time.

You see our bodies, much like our minds need to be challenged or they become complacent.

Have you ever noticed that let’s say you start a new form of exercise and your weight changes or your body changes with great results straight away, then after some time you plateau.

This happens, that’s why it is important to mix it up!

Shock your body, challenge your mind.  Try something new or slightly vary what you do.

There are so many ways to be creative and we are so fortunate to have YouTube at our fingertips so we can be creative in the comfort of our own home.

Seriously the other day I danced around my room and had the most amounts of fun, got my heart rate up, and had a bonus ab work out as I was laughing at myself so much.

It’s great therapy.

For anyone wanting a very different workout and an awesome laugh – come and join me tomorrow for a 1980’s playlist and moves that will keep you topped up with feel good energy for weeks 🙂

3:30 – 4:30 Saturday April 1 at Greenslopes – Brisbane

Bookings essential – head on over to the shop and book in now.




Capture the daylight – find the magic



The last few months I have been juggling a communications job, while still teaching yoga, pilates and body balance.  It has been hectic and I have felt tired and stressed.

Finding the time to write with a clear mind has been challenging to say the least.

My communications job and teaching job could not be two worlds further apart.

Instead of writing (even though it pains me to have put it on hold) I have been focussing on finding beautiful moments in the edges of my days.

Capturing moments of fresh air and daylight.


magic 1

I have discovered that when I can live outside these two worlds, when I can sit and enjoy the edges of the day, that is when the magic really happens.

Where possible I will get ready for work even three minutes earlier and using those three minutes to sit outside and just breathe.

What has been getting me through is taking a ten minute walk at lunch time, or leaving the office in time to see the last fifteen minutes of a sunset.

In the edges of the day, surrounded by nature, my brain is momentarily clear and focussed.

I can write my class plans, I can reflect and I can re-energise.

In the edges of the day that is where all the magic happens.

To those of you who have been reading my blog when I have not been updating nearly as frequently as I should, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


magic 2

Who am I?

Today; in between getting up at 5am teaching two morning fitness classes, doing remedial work with a lady at a nursing home, learning choreography, doing my invoices, meditating for 20 minutes and mentally preparing for the next two classes of the evening, I caught my reflection in my blender and wondered who the frick am I ?


I mean seriously, look at this blender filled with green goodness, when did I turn from the KFC eating high school punk to the exercising, spiritual, kale drinking smoothie I have become?




Who is this fit, flexible girl I see staring back at me from the pictures, this same girl who used to hate the gym who now teaches at them promoting fitness on a regular basis.

This small framed girl who is suddenly (without warning it feels ) is covered on muscles.


This girl who is still me, who is still the same but is also completely different.

This girl who just went to Perth with her girlfriends and ate her body weight in cheese, bread, chocolate, coffee and wine~
~ and would do that every weekend if she could 🙂

This girl who teaches yoga to people to relax, then blurts out words excitedly, quickly in an anything but relaxed manner.

This girl who teaches body balance, then trips over nothing on the way out of class.

This pilates trainer who has a strong core but can not do a handstand.


This girl who lives life with reckless abandon who craves adventure yet yearns for serenity.

This girl who feels so young at heart, yet knows she is growing older.

Who am I ?

A walking contradiction, or simply a girl wanting to experience everything, to be everything, to feel everything.

To be the best person I can be inside and out.

To be who I am without even really knowing who I am myself!
So my advice to you all, should you find yourself staring at your reflection through a green mush of kale, don’t question, don’t stress, don’t judge – just be!

What if……..


How often have you had a terrible class, your mind is unfocused and cluttered, and everything you seem to try fails.

So often it is the thoughts we have before even stepping foot on our mat that have the greatest impact on how our class will play out.

Those thoughts of what if I am not good enough, fit enough, flexible enough.

What if everyone in the room is better than me….

Those negatives ‘what if’s’ will break you.

What if:

As you picked up your yoga mat you thought whatever happens in this next hour is ok;

What if :

As you rolled out your mat you thought, I am here, I am trying, I am exactly where I am meant to be in my practice and my life and I am perfectly happy with that;

What if:

At the end of the class whatever the outcome you felt proud of everything you just achieved, rather than berating yourself for the things you didn’t!


What if you turned yourself into a warrior and not a worrier.


Through the eyes of your Pilates instructor

How many of you have walked into a Pilates class and thought to yourself – well this is going to be lame?

Come on be honest, I know who you are! I can sniff out the non-believers a mile away 🙂

My husband calls me a sniffer dog; I see and hear everything. Let me tell you, it is a blessing and a curse!

How can such slow controlled movements actually tone my body, improve my flexibility and core strength I hear you say?

Well I am glad you asked!

While the non-believers are busy non-believing I am busy noticing (not in a creepy way) the bodies of many of the Pilates instructors they are lean, toned and healthy looking. That surely is a positive endorsement.

As I teach, I observe, not just to check that people are performing the exercises safely and correctly, but watching human behavior during exercise is fascinating.

I see some  high school girls rolling their eyes and their heads, giving me a little ‘ this is going to be totes lame look’.

I see you, I was that girl once!

I see you lifting your leg up and down, showing off your mad flexibility cheerleader like skills, I see you roll your eyes when I tell you that you don’t need to move that fast, or lift your leg so high.

I make you slow it down, then I smile as I see the effects of the workout done correctly.

Not so totes lame now is it?

I see you, shy girl in the back row, overweight girl in the corner and I smile at you, quietly plodding along, struggling to keep up but doing it correctly and refusing to give up, I see you shy girls, I see you overweight girls and I salute you!

I remember high school, the competitiveness, the need to fit in, the struggle to be part of a group, yet maintain a little piece of independence, to maintain a little piece of you. I remember the ups and down of teenage years.

I see the cool girl now struggling for composure and I feel for her too (I am a ridiculous softy), but at the end of the day, everyone is fighting their own battles, and sometimes that cool exterior is merely a front for some hidden away fears.

I see the older ladies attending week after week, with their dodgy knees, their bung hips and their sore necks. Their bodies may not be what they used to be, but their pelvic floor is strong and their mind power can blow my mind away.

Whether the occasional fart like sound during crunches is the rubber mat beneath them or an actual fart no body cares.

While they might need a little rest in-between exercises, they always give 100%, they are fit, they are slim and they are strong in body and mind, and I am in awe of each and every one of them.  Continuing to move your body as you age, is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

I see you strong muscly six-foot tall guy being dragged in by your girlfriend, I see your cynical look even from my five foot small stance and I have to be honest, I see you and I think – game on!

I give you the hardest options, I know you think it won’t be strong enough for you when you look at my petite frame, but when you collapse on the floor and I am the last man (little tiny Pilates instructor with a core of steel standing) I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little smug.

I see my class of predominately non-English speaking people looking up at me, not understanding a word I say, returning week after week and I think how incredibly brave they are.

You see, I see everything and I love what I see.

Those smiling those frowning – smiling through the pain, frowning through the concentration, or frowning at my sometimes non funny – tumbleweed type moment jokes.

pilates blog

I see you holding your breath in, I ask you if you are all breathing, you nod, I know that you’re not breathing properly. I remind you again to breathe, you smile as though as I am crazy – of course I am breathing you think.

Yet I see you concentrating and trying so hard that you hold your breath in, I know this as we finish and I hear the group exhale.

I know this as that large loud exhale fills the room and we all collapse on the floor and laugh.

I see the supersized bodies, the undersized bodies and everything in-between.

I see the looks on your faces as I have suddenly forgotten how to count, I see you leaving with a slight limp as I have got caught up in the moment and have done 12 reps on one side and 25 on the other. during glute exercises.

Joking, or am I?  hehe!

At the end of the day I am human, just like you, I have my good days and my bad days and my somewhat ridiculous days. I have days just like you when you just wake up feeling blah.  We are all human and we feel how we do and I am here to tell you that its ok.

I see those of you attending Pilates for rehab and I know how difficult it is for you. Those simple movements that are no longer so simple to you. The once effortless movements, requiring more effort than you ever dreamt possible. I see you and my heart swells with a mixture of pride and pain for you.

I see you for the simple fact that you are there. You could have given up, but you didn’t. I see you and I am so grateful to be a part of your healing journey.

I see you ALL, because you are there, you are trying, you are moving, you are trying something new or simply trying to improve, and for that alone you should feel as proud of yourself as I feel of you.

You turned up, you stayed to the end of the class, you stepped outside of your comfort zone for a whole hour and that is not an easy thing to do.

Whatever the end result is, hold on to that, remember that, use that to find the courage to do your next class.

The emotional side of exercise

It has been an oddly emotional week, for myself and others around me. I have had a few people cry in my classes and this of course has made me think more deeply about my life, and my classes.

Emotions are a funny thing, they can be pushed to the background for so long, before all of a sudden they explode when you least expect it.

Exercise releases endorphins we all know about this, it makes sense then that emotions can be released as well.

While you may feel more comfortable crying during relaxation or a hip opening yoga sequence than pumping weights or running on the treadmill, don’t be surprised if halfway mid squat you suddenly feel overcome with emotion.

Here is where all the guys are puffing their chests out saying whatever lady, well guys it happens to you too, I know this, I have seen it.

While you may disguise (or bury) it better than the ladies, it does happen to you as well 🙂

Think about it, when you are exercising, you are away from your life so to speak; no wife, husband, children, work, deadlines, chores before you – just you and your chosen exercise.

Your mind is now focussed, your breathing has most likely changed, without these other external factors what are you left with?

Your thoughts!

Your emotions!

Now for my yoga, pilates, body balance people; relaxation is confrontational, being left quietly alone with yourself and a potential racing mind can be daunting, so I am here to tell you that it is ok to feel whatever it is you are feeling.

It is ok to let some tears flow silently down your cheeks, and if you end up a blubbering puffy face mess then that is ok as well.

We tend to hold a lot of emotion in our hips, so if you are in the midst of a deep hip opening sequence then it is quite natural to start to feel an emotional release during this.

How you feel is how you feel, so recognise this, accept this and embrace it.

Release what needs to be released and I am confident you will feel a million times better for allowing yourself to do this.


Resting your body is just as important as moving it – true story

Anyone reading this post who knows the amount of classes I have already done this week, may find this hypocritical and as my mum reads my blogs and always worries I am overdoing it (hi mum, love you) I am not going to actually tell you how many classes I have done.

What I am going to tell you is how I am coping with doing x amount of classes.

Aside from walking like a zombie, speaking as though English is my second language and spilling things all over myself frequently I am in fact coping!

I am coping by resting in-between classes.  In fact this week has felt like a crazy blur and I think on Tuesday I had convinced myself it was already Thursday.

I have been doing 5:45am classes, I will then come home and sleep for an hour or two then do my next class, rest, eat, teach again and repeat the process all over again.

As much as we all like to think we are invincible, and as much as I promote the theory of pushing and challenging yourself, there are limits.

We are human, we need rest, our muscles need the correct nourishment to thrive, and that nourishment comes in the form of eating well, drinking water to re-hydrate and resting.

It is counter productive not to do so!

As always I learnt that the hard way.

If you are exercising frequently you NEED to eat and rest frequently or I dare say you are without knowing it, undoing all the good work you set out to do.

Think about your computer, your smart phone – they perform well until they don’t! We reboot them and then wallah, they leap back into action refreshed reawakened.  Our bodies are the same!

The more we work them, the more we need to treat them with the rest they deserve.

Resting your body is just as important as moving it!