Winter brrrrs

While many may argue that Queensland doesn’t really get a winter – most of us here in Queensland would strongly disagree!

True, it may not (and does not) get nearly as cold as many other places in the world,but for us recently shit got real.

You know it’s cold outside when you go outside and it’s cold – haha – I saw this the other day and it just cracked me up.

With the coldness comes the lack of motivation and I get it, I really do!  Leaving a warm environment to go out and exercise can be less that ideal.

I sulked around yesterday – wondering if I could send everyone motivational quotes and just let them exercise themselves so I didn’t need to leave the house – I was only joking – sort of 🙂

However, think about this.  You exercise, you move, you warm up – madness I know….stay with me

Think about it from a mental point of view – how satisfying is it when against all odds, you don’t listen to that voice telling you to stay in bed/on the couch you – fight that voice and you win – you get out and you move that body.

Now you feel physically and mentally better, you are winning and you are getting fitter doing it.

You aren’t drinking enough water, because it’s winter and you just don’t think about it – you exercise, you drink more water.

Our bodies become stiffer in winter, we tense up and we do less exercise and we just feel worse for it – just a few stretches a day and a little bit of cardio or other exercise will make you feel amazing and help to get you out of the winter funk.

Still unconvinced – put on your big girl pants and my Nike yoga pants say – JUST DO IT!


Through the eyes of your Pilates instructor

How many of you have walked into a Pilates class and thought to yourself – well this is going to be lame?

Come on be honest, I know who you are! I can sniff out the non-believers a mile away 🙂

My husband calls me a sniffer dog; I see and hear everything. Let me tell you, it is a blessing and a curse!

How can such slow controlled movements actually tone my body, improve my flexibility and core strength I hear you say?

Well I am glad you asked!

While the non-believers are busy non-believing I am busy noticing (not in a creepy way) the bodies of many of the Pilates instructors they are lean, toned and healthy looking. That surely is a positive endorsement.

As I teach, I observe, not just to check that people are performing the exercises safely and correctly, but watching human behavior during exercise is fascinating.

I see some  high school girls rolling their eyes and their heads, giving me a little ‘ this is going to be totes lame look’.

I see you, I was that girl once!

I see you lifting your leg up and down, showing off your mad flexibility cheerleader like skills, I see you roll your eyes when I tell you that you don’t need to move that fast, or lift your leg so high.

I make you slow it down, then I smile as I see the effects of the workout done correctly.

Not so totes lame now is it?

I see you, shy girl in the back row, overweight girl in the corner and I smile at you, quietly plodding along, struggling to keep up but doing it correctly and refusing to give up, I see you shy girls, I see you overweight girls and I salute you!

I remember high school, the competitiveness, the need to fit in, the struggle to be part of a group, yet maintain a little piece of independence, to maintain a little piece of you. I remember the ups and down of teenage years.

I see the cool girl now struggling for composure and I feel for her too (I am a ridiculous softy), but at the end of the day, everyone is fighting their own battles, and sometimes that cool exterior is merely a front for some hidden away fears.

I see the older ladies attending week after week, with their dodgy knees, their bung hips and their sore necks. Their bodies may not be what they used to be, but their pelvic floor is strong and their mind power can blow my mind away.

Whether the occasional fart like sound during crunches is the rubber mat beneath them or an actual fart no body cares.

While they might need a little rest in-between exercises, they always give 100%, they are fit, they are slim and they are strong in body and mind, and I am in awe of each and every one of them.  Continuing to move your body as you age, is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

I see you strong muscly six-foot tall guy being dragged in by your girlfriend, I see your cynical look even from my five foot small stance and I have to be honest, I see you and I think – game on!

I give you the hardest options, I know you think it won’t be strong enough for you when you look at my petite frame, but when you collapse on the floor and I am the last man (little tiny Pilates instructor with a core of steel standing) I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little smug.

I see my class of predominately non-English speaking people looking up at me, not understanding a word I say, returning week after week and I think how incredibly brave they are.

You see, I see everything and I love what I see.

Those smiling those frowning – smiling through the pain, frowning through the concentration, or frowning at my sometimes non funny – tumbleweed type moment jokes.

pilates blog

I see you holding your breath in, I ask you if you are all breathing, you nod, I know that you’re not breathing properly. I remind you again to breathe, you smile as though as I am crazy – of course I am breathing you think.

Yet I see you concentrating and trying so hard that you hold your breath in, I know this as we finish and I hear the group exhale.

I know this as that large loud exhale fills the room and we all collapse on the floor and laugh.

I see the supersized bodies, the undersized bodies and everything in-between.

I see the looks on your faces as I have suddenly forgotten how to count, I see you leaving with a slight limp as I have got caught up in the moment and have done 12 reps on one side and 25 on the other. during glute exercises.

Joking, or am I?  hehe!

At the end of the day I am human, just like you, I have my good days and my bad days and my somewhat ridiculous days. I have days just like you when you just wake up feeling blah.  We are all human and we feel how we do and I am here to tell you that its ok.

I see those of you attending Pilates for rehab and I know how difficult it is for you. Those simple movements that are no longer so simple to you. The once effortless movements, requiring more effort than you ever dreamt possible. I see you and my heart swells with a mixture of pride and pain for you.

I see you for the simple fact that you are there. You could have given up, but you didn’t. I see you and I am so grateful to be a part of your healing journey.

I see you ALL, because you are there, you are trying, you are moving, you are trying something new or simply trying to improve, and for that alone you should feel as proud of yourself as I feel of you.

You turned up, you stayed to the end of the class, you stepped outside of your comfort zone for a whole hour and that is not an easy thing to do.

Whatever the end result is, hold on to that, remember that, use that to find the courage to do your next class.

A time to reflect, to plan, to celebrate

After a few soul searching days by myself at the beach, I have come to the conclusion that:
A – you are never too old to change your life.
B – happiness is a choice, a way of life, something we all have the power to experience.
C – you can achieve anything with determination and by setting little realistic goals.


I have been walking on the beach, exercising, relaxing and after setting myself some fitness goals for the new year have been already challenging myself to learn some new yoga poses.

Like anything worth achieving, we must first be dedicated, motivated and patient.

Enjoying the journey along the way ….


Whatever your plans are for the new year, I thank you for your support, for your dedication in striving to be fit, healthy and happy.


Happy New Years


Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Whatever you want to achieve, whether in your career, relationships or fitness, you must know clearly what you want.

What is your desired outcome?

Visualize it with absolute clarity.

Then set a plan on achieving it.

Then ask yourself honestly is your plan realistic.

With less than 2 months to go before Xmas, losing half your body weight is probably not a realistic goal.

Losing a few kilos and increasing the amount of push ups you can do probably is.

Do you think the Romans woke up one day and decided to build an amazing city tomorrow.

Every worthwhile dream and goal is worth working hard for.

Don’t put the extra pressure on yourself to achieve everything all at once (I am guilty of doing this a million times).

It’s not worth it though.

Enjoy your journey, you are working hard, why not savour each moment along the way.

Set mini realistic goals, and then celebrate each and every milestone.

Feeling fortunate


If you have little money but a wealth of loving friends and family around you are rich!

If you can find something positive in every situation you can always find joy!

If you can keep calm when chaos surrounds you, you can survive anything!

If you can remember that there is always someone more attractive, fitter, stronger, wealthier, younger, more successful than you then you can always feel fortunate and love yourself and find happiness within!

Motivational Monday’s

Welcome to your regular Monday post.

Today’s post is about positive choices.

Happy Monday everyone and thanks for reading!


As I type it’s 5:34 (precise much ??hehe) on a Monday morning.

The alarm went off at 5 and I wanted to punch it’s shrieking little reminder in the face.

I want to do this every Monday morning, until the grogginess subsides and I remember why I am waking up.

It’s now 5:36 and I am on the bus heading into the city to teach a class.

I often wonder if I wasn’t teaching, would I in fact have the motivation to get up at this time.

As a fitness instructor, I would love to answer yes without hesitation, but you see I am also human.

We get tired, we make excuses, we procrastinate.

We make choices.

We make choices, consciously or not, our choices form our habits, and if you don’t like the habits you have, you simply need to make different choices and form new habits.

Easy right?

Of course not, but possible yes- definitely!

What positive choice will you make today that can positively change your life.

It doesn’t need to be in a big momentous way, but it’s needs to set a new positive movement in your life.


You are stronger than you think

I spend a lot of time thinking about my body, not in the conceited does my bum look fat in this way (although I am a girl so of course I do this as well) but what I am talking about here is just how amazing our bodies are and just what they are capable of.

We are all stronger than we think we are; we are always capable of pushing ourselves that little bit further, yet sadly there is something within most of us that allows us to give up sooner than we should.

Our bodies are designed to move not sit dormant, we are meant to be active, we are flexible as kids yet this seems to fade over time.

You can change that!

You are stronger than you think you are!

Last night, I tried a little experiment in one of my classes; I lied -something I don’t normally do, but stay with me here, as I lied for good not evil purposes!

During a particularly strong leg track, I lied about the duration. You see the class before I told people how long we were holding the poses, hearing the duration, the mind for some people immediately told the body it couldn’t possibly hold for that long, the result -people gave up!

Class two, same poses, different result; I told people they would be holding for a shorter duration, they held they stayed, they achieved more than they may have believed was possible.

You are stronger than you think you are!

Next step is believing it!