Pilates? Oh heavens no!

Pilates? Oh, heavens no.  I thought you said “Pie and lattes.”

Well that’s awkward 🙂

Let’s avoid further embarrassment and come and join me on Sunday 7 January 2018

For a 45 min Pilates classes (including a stretch and relax)

Finishing with laughter, chats a sweet pie & latte’

This is no joke!

****Gluten free, sugar free, egg free?  Oh heaven’s no!********

Sorry but the pie’s are as they come no special dietary options available.

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A celebration of Fitness

Join me for a night to remember.  As we celebrate all things fitness. Combining yoga, pilates,  and a few power moves.
Held at the historic & heritage listed Springhill baths, where brightly coloured doors encircle a crisp & inviting pool (and we have the whole venue to ourselves).

Behind each coloured door is your individual change room – inside each door is your goodie bag (valued at over $20)

But it’s outside where the magic will really happen.

I will be guiding you through a series of exercises (both in and out of the pool), a fun journey through the ages of fitness.

Before social media was a beast of comparison, ladies wore pantaloons for swimming & lollies were a sixpence.

Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger was pumping iron, Jane Fonda was high kicking her legwarmers onto our TV’s we will be moving  through the times, in a most special way.

The choreographed shenanigans will get the heart rate up, we will splash our toes in the pool with reckless abandon, before jumping in and cooling off.

This is all about movement, laughter and fun.

This is a celebration of fitness and joy.

This location is one of Brisbanes best kept secrets – now the secret is out – don’t miss your spot!

This is an event not to be missed!

No refunds on cancellations less than 24 hours before the event!

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Mix it up

When it comes to exercise it is important to mix it up!

While I strongly advocate for finding a style of exercise that you love (or you simply will not exercise if you don’t enjoy it) you need to vary things from time to time.

You see our bodies, much like our minds need to be challenged or they become complacent.

Have you ever noticed that let’s say you start a new form of exercise and your weight changes or your body changes with great results straight away, then after some time you plateau.

This happens, that’s why it is important to mix it up!

Shock your body, challenge your mind.  Try something new or slightly vary what you do.

There are so many ways to be creative and we are so fortunate to have YouTube at our fingertips so we can be creative in the comfort of our own home.

Seriously the other day I danced around my room and had the most amounts of fun, got my heart rate up, and had a bonus ab work out as I was laughing at myself so much.

It’s great therapy.

For anyone wanting a very different workout and an awesome laugh – come and join me tomorrow for a 1980’s playlist and moves that will keep you topped up with feel good energy for weeks 🙂

3:30 – 4:30 Saturday April 1 at Greenslopes – Brisbane

Bookings essential – head on over to the shop and book in now.