Our bodies are meant to move, they are designed to move well and they are supposed to move often.

The next time you get up from your desk after a prolonged episode of sitting – feel how tight, stiff and sore your body feels, then sit back down and look at the angle of your legs.

It is no wonder when our legs are in a 90 degree angle for the majority of the day; at a desk, in a car, on the couch – that when we get up to stretch our legs…..

….. our calves feel tight, our hammies are tight, the glutes are sore, your back aches and your shoulder and neck hurt from being hunched over all day……

I get it – I have been where you are, and I have been there when I went back to a desk job after teaching – which was 100 times worse, after moving so often to being stationary.

Our bodies are meant to move.

If you don’t move often you will cramp up.

If you don’t keep moving your joints through a full range of motion as you age you will lose the ability to use these joints – sounds scary doesn’t it?

Well it is!

I used to do some remedial work with an elderly lady as years of inactivity had literally rendered her muscles useless, she couldn’t open her hands and could not get up out of bed without assistance.

If you want to be able to open jars, reach things up high (unless you are a short ass like me) squat down to pick things up or even do up your shoes, you need to move before it is too late.

I know for some people (heck even me sometimes) the thought of going to a gym is as desirable as watching paint dry – so find what you love, dance in your loungeroom, try something new, or try a different instructor.

Not to toot my own horn (ok just a little honk ) I recently had a lovely comment from a man new to my yoga classes, telling me that he hated yoga before, but loves it now due to the unique way I teach.

Now do not get me wrong – my style is not for everyone, and that’s ok.

Find an instructor you click with who makes you feel joyous about what you do and you will want to do it more often.

Work out what it is you love, and if it is dancing around while you cook – then do it – boom – make your meals and burn calories  – that’s a double thumbs up in my books.

Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try out some new things, but most importantly move move and move some more.



Healthy eating – don’t over complicate it!

I think when it comes to healthy eating, quite often people go for the easy quick take out option as they assume it is too hard to make a fast, easy and healthy meal.

Let me tell you this is not true.

The majority of my meals take 30 mins to prepare and cook (unless I get sidetracked listening to music and dancing around while I cook – which does happen often)

*Side note – dancing around while you cook is a great way to burn some extra calories and is oh so much fun 🙂

The key to quick and easy healthy meals is not to complicate it.

Chop up veggies and add fresh herbs and garlic for flavour.

If I am chopping veggies – I always chop extra so I can use them for lunch and or dinner the next day (depending on how hungry my husband is and how many left overs I can keep).

Cooking meat and veggies separately allows you to only have to cook fresh meat for the 2nd night.

Some easy meat ideas:

Fry chicken with garlic, lemon and honey.

Bake salmon just with lemon and pepper.

Fry meatballs with cumin and or cinnamon.

Fresh herbs, turmeric, cumin, garlic, pepper go a long way to making things absolutely easy, and tasty.

Here’s an easy lunch bowl I made up over the weekend (not going to lie was pretty proud of this one)




Cook quinoa as per instructions on packet.

Fry asparagus, tomatoes, kale with a dash of balsamic vinegar & half a small garlic cube.

Mash up 1 x avo add lemon, pepper and other half of garlic cube.

Add a bit of salmon, a few nuts

Arrange nicely for a photo then moosh it all together and eat 🙂

Do something today your future self will thank you for

As we rapidly approach the end of the year, I hope you are taking time to slow down (even for a moment) to sit quietly and just breathe.

This time of year is hectic and I want to let you know, that it is ok to recharge your own energy so that you can be the bright spark you normally are.

It is ok to take time out for you.  This is important!

I want to wish you all a wonderful Xmas Break and a very happy new year.

Next year I am running a series of events of retreats.  These are designed to boost positivity and energy levels and top up our levels.

When you feel like quitting – ask yourself why you held on for so long in the first place.

If I was to quit every time I tried to start a new class where no one showed up, or ran an event that wasn’t sold out I would have quit several times over.

If I didn’t stay true to myself, my passion and my beliefs then what do I have?

It is the moments of “failure” that make us stronger, more determined to succeed. It is the moments and situations that don’t go to plan, that shape us and redefine our future.

Some of the best athletes, actors, pioneers of technology failed several times over.  Did they quit? No! They believed in themselves and kept at it.

If you don’t take yourself seriously and back yourself 100% then why should anyone else.

If you don’t love yourself and love what you are trying to achieve then I suspect you may not actual succeed.

When you feel like quitting – ask yourself why you held on for so long in the first place.

Are you balanced?

Are your workouts balanced?
Take a moment to stop and reflect on the way you work out; how often and the intensity.
Do you stretch often?
Do you stretch at all ?
To get the most of your fitness it is important to have a well-rounded and diverse range of movement.
If you want to avoid things like hip replacements in the future you have to put your body full its full range of movement.
Quite often we tend to just move our body in the same way, and don’t get me wrong, any movement is better than no movement, but our bodies are meant to move through a full range of movement and this is often overlooked.
Take a moment to think about the way you move, and take a moment to ask yourself honestly – do you just focus on the things you are good at, and avoid the things you struggle with?

Hands up – I am guilty of this!

As we age, we seize up – sorry but it is true – move it or lose it !

We need to lift weights to help with our bone density.

We need some cardio to get our heart rate up.

We need to stretch.

Think about what you focus on and what you neglect.  Where do your priorities go?

It’s not too late to add in some extra things to your routine, or change your schedule a little to give yourself a more holistic and well-balanced healthy fitness lifestyle!

Step one – taking that honesty check in –

Step two – we’ll focus on this shortly.


Mix it up

When it comes to exercise it is important to mix it up!

While I strongly advocate for finding a style of exercise that you love (or you simply will not exercise if you don’t enjoy it) you need to vary things from time to time.

You see our bodies, much like our minds need to be challenged or they become complacent.

Have you ever noticed that let’s say you start a new form of exercise and your weight changes or your body changes with great results straight away, then after some time you plateau.

This happens, that’s why it is important to mix it up!

Shock your body, challenge your mind.  Try something new or slightly vary what you do.

There are so many ways to be creative and we are so fortunate to have YouTube at our fingertips so we can be creative in the comfort of our own home.

Seriously the other day I danced around my room and had the most amounts of fun, got my heart rate up, and had a bonus ab work out as I was laughing at myself so much.

It’s great therapy.

For anyone wanting a very different workout and an awesome laugh – come and join me tomorrow for a 1980’s playlist and moves that will keep you topped up with feel good energy for weeks 🙂

3:30 – 4:30 Saturday April 1 at Greenslopes – Brisbane

Bookings essential – head on over to the shop and book in now.




Want to be more spontaneous ?

Looking to be more spontaneous ?

I have just the thing for you!

I have had two last minute cancellations for an overnight yoga retreat on 25/26 February (yes that’s right not this coming weekend – but the one after).

I can guarantee fun, yoga, relaxation, good wholesome food and to feel like you’ve had an awesome mini getaway.

Want to know more ….. well check it out here

So if you are looking to be a little adventurous, a little spontaneous or a just little more focused on you then jump on over to my shop and book your spot now.

See you there 🙂




Self love versus Selfies

Today I had a thought (it is important to mention that this thought after spending way longer than I should have trying to get the “perfect” selfie for an Instagram story that only stays active 24 hours)….
I wondered what sort of world we might live in if we gave as much thought and spent as much time meditating, setting positive intentions, having loving kind thoughts as we did trying to take the perfect selfie??????
Seriously I feel the world has gone out of control with selfies and looking into the camera at themselves, rather than looking within themselves for answers.
I am aware of the irony and hypocrisy of this post – but I should also mention that after 3 failed attempts I just posted it anyway and went to meditate.
I just feel the world may be a little happier, calmer and more positive if we could all find and set aside a little bit of time to reflect, to breathe to switch off.
These are my thoughts for today!

Holiday fitness


I am currently in London where the sun has been shining, the weather is actually hot, and I have been having picnics and doing daily yoga and meditation in a beautiful rose filled garden.

It can be so easy on holidays to slip out of routine, to eat badly and to let yourself go.  Well I am here to tell you that with a little bit of effort this doesn’t need to be the case.

Quite often on holidays I try to “find” the time to practice yoga – this holiday I decided to “make” the time and everything changed.

I have made it a priority to wake up do 5 – 10 minutes of meditation, followed by a 10 minute yoga practice with my mother-in-law then make the time to do my own practice.

I am fortunate that I am staying in a house with a beautiful garden and more blessed that the weather has allowed me to be outdoors every single day.

However, even though it may not be an ideal workout in a small space – it’s a great chance to get creative with your workout.

Any little bit helps and honestly if you can only find 10 minutes then grab that 10 minutes and welcome it with open arms.

Your body, mind and energy levels will thank you.

Winter brrrrs

While many may argue that Queensland doesn’t really get a winter – most of us here in Queensland would strongly disagree!

True, it may not (and does not) get nearly as cold as many other places in the world,but for us recently shit got real.

You know it’s cold outside when you go outside and it’s cold – haha – I saw this the other day and it just cracked me up.

With the coldness comes the lack of motivation and I get it, I really do!  Leaving a warm environment to go out and exercise can be less that ideal.

I sulked around yesterday – wondering if I could send everyone motivational quotes and just let them exercise themselves so I didn’t need to leave the house – I was only joking – sort of 🙂

However, think about this.  You exercise, you move, you warm up – madness I know….stay with me

Think about it from a mental point of view – how satisfying is it when against all odds, you don’t listen to that voice telling you to stay in bed/on the couch you – fight that voice and you win – you get out and you move that body.

Now you feel physically and mentally better, you are winning and you are getting fitter doing it.

You aren’t drinking enough water, because it’s winter and you just don’t think about it – you exercise, you drink more water.

Our bodies become stiffer in winter, we tense up and we do less exercise and we just feel worse for it – just a few stretches a day and a little bit of cardio or other exercise will make you feel amazing and help to get you out of the winter funk.

Still unconvinced – put on your big girl pants and my Nike yoga pants say – JUST DO IT!