About Me



I am a Pilates and Yoga  instructor,  and my journey on this path has motivated me to inspire people through improving their fitness. For me,  I have learnt the importance of stopping, enjoying a quiet moment for myself, and learning how to really breathe.

I believe that exercise should be a fun and positive experience that leaves you wanting more.

Tranquil Skies classes and events may not always seem ‘traditional’, as I bring a slightly different holistic, less clinical approach to all my classes.

Don’t worry safety first guys – but who says we can’t work out safely and have a load of fun doing it.

The events and retreats are super fun – you’ll just have to come and see for yourself 🙂

The classes are therapy for your body, mind and soul and will inject you with a massive dose of positivity.

When I am not teaching fitness classes; I am chasing sunsets, going to the beach as often as possible, taking photos, laughing, having fun and always challenging myself further.

Are you ready to join the Tranquil Skies community today?



Photographs by Pavlina Matt. www.pavlinamatt.com.au