Are you balanced?

Are your workouts balanced?
Take a moment to stop and reflect on the way you work out; how often and the intensity.
Do you stretch often?
Do you stretch at all ?
To get the most of your fitness it is important to have a well-rounded and diverse range of movement.
If you want to avoid things like hip replacements in the future you have to put your body full its full range of movement.
Quite often we tend to just move our body in the same way, and don’t get me wrong, any movement is better than no movement, but our bodies are meant to move through a full range of movement and this is often overlooked.
Take a moment to think about the way you move, and take a moment to ask yourself honestly – do you just focus on the things you are good at, and avoid the things you struggle with?

Hands up – I am guilty of this!

As we age, we seize up – sorry but it is true – move it or lose it !

We need to lift weights to help with our bone density.

We need some cardio to get our heart rate up.

We need to stretch.

Think about what you focus on and what you neglect.  Where do your priorities go?

It’s not too late to add in some extra things to your routine, or change your schedule a little to give yourself a more holistic and well-balanced healthy fitness lifestyle!

Step one – taking that honesty check in –

Step two – we’ll focus on this shortly.


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